Sunday, December 19, 2004

Lazy Sunday

I am not feeling too creative or political, mainly since I am taking care of two small children and watching as much football as humanly possible. So how about a Free iPod update?

I am currently sitting at 9 referrals with 3 offers completed. Thanks to all that have signed up. So how about helping a brother out and click here. Just complete one of the offers and then email me your referral link so I can add it to the banner rotation and help you get your Free iPod. Some of the offers do require a credit card to sign up but all allow you to cancel after the trial period and not be charged. Do avoid the Video Professor offer; they have it very tiny in the small print that if you don't cancel the offer, you can get charged 69.99 for the full program.

In addition, the person that is the final completion for me will get a 1 Month banner on my site advertising their site as well as a post at the top of my blog detailing their site and directing my visitors to it. I know, I such a loser for this. I just don't really want to spend the 300 bucks. This is me with a big L on my head saying later........................

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