Wednesday, December 01, 2004

10,000 Served And Counting

First of all, I promised myself I would not cry damnit. Wow, 10,000 hits since Oct. 21st, 2004. Thanks to each and everyone that has visited, even if only for 30 seconds. I would like to send special thanks to all who have chosen t0 add me to your blogroll over at Blog Explosion. Here's a list of their sites (in no order), pay them a visit. Thanks again to everyone, later...............

ficken chingers
Amy's Bad Groove

Blog Magazine
Read'em and Reap
Cao's Blog
Cavalier's Guardian WatchBlog
Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Rite Turn Only
Credendo Vides
The Apologist
The Daily Grind
Darth Apathy
Musings of a Thoughtful Conservative
Tasty Thoughts From The Elitist Pig
Dykes and The City
Follow That Star
Get Stewed
The Radical Centrist
Garfieldt's Blog
Section 31
New Trommetter Times
jmo reflections
JesseJ's Modblog
Boring Mommy
MUGround Poetry Magazine

misguided thoughts
the Logic Free zone
Pastoral Thoughts
Richardson Zoo
To New Frontiers
Leaf's Right
Simple Thoughts
Whimsical Chaos - Shannon's Blog
It's A Matter Of Opinion
a ZA boy in the UK
The Glass Wall
One Day at a Time
The Left Ain't Right
The Van Dollen Family
selected pete
Shelley's incoherent ramblings.....
The Common Man's point of view
Come Escape With Me
The Wrye Forest Agenda
The Royal Flush
The New American Revolutionist
Politics in Moderateland
Treb's Blog
California Hammonds
V Stands for Vampire
Who Knew?
Joy Unexpected

P.S. If your not listed, either I screwed up or you just blogmarked me after I wrote this. I would bet on me screwing up.


TD said...

Congrats on the traffic :)

Anonymous said...

I just blogmarked you. As someone who spent almost 10 years in Tech Support and on a Help Desk, it's good to read someone else in hell.

And I HATE that Blogger won't let you log in when you come in through BE. Grrr!


Alistair said...

Hi there!

Thanks for listing me :-) Seems that both you and I did the same thing and added all of our "BlogMarks" onto our blogs.

Great site and long live BlogExplosion!


Tavis Pitt said...

Thanks for listing my weblog.
I like your weblog and 'blogmarked' it the first time I came accross it. I think its your style of writing and simple design that appeals to me.