Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Life Keeps Getting In The Way Of Blogging!

I am going to beg out of another thought-provoking post and simply present The Wednesday Mad Tech Site of The Day.

Hold the applause; this is a one time deal. See, today is my wedding anniversary and I have plans for Mrs. Mad Tech and they won't allow me to write tonight.

Without further ado, The Wednesday Mad Tech Site of the Day is.........

2Slick's Forum

2Slick is a chopper pilot who tells the true stories of our efforts in Iraq from the point of view of himself and his fellow soldiers. He is one of a growing number of military personnel turning to the internet to get the truth out on Iraq, Afghanistan, and the war on terrorism.

Speaking of Mrs. Mad Tech; I have been blessed to be married to the most caring, giving, and understanding woman I have ever had the privilege to know. Thank you for being there for me and kicking me in the ass when needed. Thank you for being a great mother to our children, my best friend and lover, and for being yourself. I love you with all of my heart and soul and thank God everyday for bringing you into my life.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Canadians strike again. LOL
Old Man

2Slick said...

Wow- thanks! Happy Anniversary, my friend!