Thursday, December 16, 2004

Back With a Vengence

I always knew that when I was living in Chicago there was something just not right with some of the liberals there. Their current Governor, who was elected the last year I lived there, has now shown his true face.

Nope, he's not a new breed of Democrat who can draw votes from both sides like Obama. He is a straight up lost his mind, died in the wool, wacko leftist who does not believe that 1) Parents know what's best for their children, 2) That most children can't tell the difference between a video game and reality.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich thinks that children who play video games up to the age of 18 have failed parents and just can't tell the difference between violence in a video game vs. reality. In fact he believes so strongly in this that he is pushing for a law in Illinois to make the sale of "violent" or "sexual-themed" game to anyone under 18 illegal.

His legislation if it passed would define a "violent" video game as any where the characters physically hurt one another. Dude, wake up to reality, that would be 80% of the games out their including Pac-Man, Finding Nemo (Son loves that one), and any of the Mario Brothers game. Granted he is targeting games such as in his words, "GTA, Halo 2, and Moral Kombat" but his broad definition could really apply to most games on the market today.

I believe his efforts will fail and that this may hurt his reelection chances among folks who want the government to stay out of their personal business and not blatantly state that they doing a poor job raising their kids so the government will help out with some more unneeded laws.

This is just another clear example of how Democrats don't seek to empower anyone; rather they pass laws to "protect us from ourselves". I got news for you Rod, my 4 year old knows the difference between a video game and reality, most kids do and most parents are doing a fine job. Take some advice and stick to other topics your more familiar with like raising taxes.

A link to the story is below, enjoy. I would include in closing that this story while championed by a Democrat this time has in the past been a favorite of left-leaning Republicans who share the view that we all too stupid to make the right choices in life so the government should do it for us. They share equally in my distain for government officials who intrude in the citizenry's lives. Later.......................

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