Monday, December 27, 2004

North Korea: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Reports are starting to filter out of North Korea about the possibility that Kim Jong-Il is losing his grip on power. If his dictatorship should thankfully collapse under its own weight, will any credit be given to the path set by President Bush and Colin Powell and followed by the six nations? (China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, United States, and of course North Korea.)

According to a theory, China is playing an active part in Jong-Il demise. They have picked a successor and stand ready to rush troops south to help stabilize the country. That may come as a shock to many but North Korea has primarily served as a Chinese puppet state and while China pursued a Western style economy, Jong-Il has been left to his own devices.

That being said, I doubt that China wanted another nuclear player in the region and has been quietly been working behind the scenes to fix their "problem child" with the blessing of the United States. Now if I was cynical, I would say that the Chinese welcome the opportunity to work out it's military in preparation for future action against Taiwan. But that's just crazy talk, never mind the fact that the President and others have quietly abandoned a two China policy.

The fact of the matter is that North Korean could have ceased to be a problem if handled correctly in 1994 by then President Clinton. The promise for the North Koreans to give up their nuclear ambitions in exchange for food and other energy resources was nothing more then a payoff. If we had refused to deal with North Korea in 1994 as we have now and organized the 6 nation talks, North Korea will no longer be a nuclear thorn in the side of the world. Many reports sight the fact that in 94, the government was 2 years from collapse and all we did with our food deal was prop up a dictatorship and contribute to the deaths of countless North Korean civilians due to starvation.

The humane solution could be to work with our partners in the 6 nation talks to speed Jong-Il removal from power by any means necessary while planning for the needs of the North Korean citizens and securing their nuclear arsenal. If estimations are even remotely correct and the failure of the North Korean government is eminent, then the West needs to move quickly to help the masses of people that surely flee north to China and south to South Korea. Hell, I would even call for the UN to get involved if I thought they would actually do some good.

I would be very surprised if the President’s hard stance with North Korea gets any credit in the MSM if it is shown to have helped speed the removal of Kim Jong-Il, after all if you listen to them, he should have invaded North Korea and Iran for their nuclear programs before even thinking about liberating 25 million people in Iraq. And before the leftist go crazy with that last comment, it’s an exaduration, relax and have a little humor. Enjoy the links below, later…………….,2763,1378854,00.html


Anonymous said...

humor is kind of a loss art these days... don't ya think.

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Skizz said...

If Kim Jon Mentally Ill loses power.. that'd be great, providing that another one just like him doesn't step up to carry on his "legacy" of starving his people and pointing nukes at the U.S.

Peti said...

It will be a great day when they get that louse out of there! I believe he is crazy and you know what that can bring on. I love your blog, it is always very interesting, must be your mind lol! Have a Happy New Year!! OBTW, why dont you think about installing a chatterbox or something???? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze

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Great post.

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Well said...