Thursday, December 09, 2004

When Univeristies Go Bad

It's been awhile since I was on a college campus on a regular basis. I do however have friends and family that are still in school so I had some idea of how bad it had become for conservative and libertarian leaning students, basically anyone who does not agree with the administration’s or faculty’s leftist agenda.

Thanks to Evan Maloney and crew over at Academic Bias, we now some concrete example of how leftist colleges and universities are becoming. Evan took to the road and visited some of the more well known institutions of higher learning in this country, including the University of Tennessee and Cal Poly. His documentary focuses on the practice of university administrators and faculty to force their political views on the student body by enforcement of "speech codes".

The case studies include extreme political correctness, academic bias, student censorship, and last but not least administration cover-ups of student mistreat by other students or faculty. Frankly there is little that the libs and their extreme cousins, the socialists do that shocks me but this film was a great eye-opener.

After viewing the film, I did some research on the subject matter and found numerous examples of schools abusing their student body (Not that body, stay with me folks). Quite a few examples can be found over at FIRE, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. This group while founded by liberals does the kind of work that the ACLU should be doing and often finds themselves at odds with other liberals. These folks are ok in my book.

Also during the course of my research I came across a book called The Shadow University by Alan Charles Kors and Harvey A. Silverglate. Their book documents the hundreds of cases of free speech and civil rights abuse the authors have found across this country. They showcase how the free speech and civil rights movements of the 60's are being perverted by administrators and faculty to foster their agenda. I plan on reading this book and from the excerpts on their website. I suggest if you’re concerned about the indoctrination of our youth, you do so as well.

I have provided a link below to the film by the folks at Academic Bias; take a gander if you’re inclined. The second link to an article by a liberal professor at Adrian College speaking to the fact that the Saddam Hussein style of government is the only one that will work for Iraq. This article I took personally since Adrian College was the site of my first college courses, albeit when I was 13 years old. This has been around in the Blogsphere so I just suggest a visit to the article, your jaw will drop and you'll say WTF? Hat tip to MaxedOutMomma for a great take on the article and the professor. Enjoy the links and the film if you watch it. I would download it if you have broadband; the streaming is a little choppy. Later...............

Academic Bias: Brainwashing 101


Anonymous said...
Why I hate Canadians

Old Man

Ian said...

I disagree. I think college campuses are tending more conservative then they were. They may still be left of the ultra consrevatism that middle America has gravitated towards, but compare a college campus circa 1975 vs. a college campus in 2005. Students from 1975 would make today's college kids look like Connecticut Yuppies.

The Mad Tech said...

Ian, I understand your point and might even agree that the student body of universities has moved to the right. The issue is the political leanings of the administration and faculty and how they apply them to the students with their policies. Thanks for your comment.

The Mad Tech

Peti said...

Hi ya!! 63 degrees!! waaaaaaaaah!! j/k back to the topic.... Its unreal how tings have changed *for the worse* it seems, even the colleges are corrupted, this is a bigger issue than many people know about. I have a kid in college and he tells me things that makes me wonder sometimes. And its not just his college, but many others. Thanks for the post!

Jen said...

I'm a current college student and I find the whole thing interesting. When I was going to the local community college, it was very liberal, I was taking legal classes and all my teachers where in some way affiliated witht the ACLU or where civil rights attorneys.

Now I am at the University which is just down the street from the community college and it is completly differant. The campus is probably about 75% conservative and the liberals have a tough time getting there voices heard. As for the admin. I think it depends on which department it is. They go both ways, and do there best not to let students know what there political ideologies are. One teacher was even fired a few years back for saying something to obscure, so for the most part the liberal teachers tend to stay quiet.

Alex said...

When I was at Tufts University, three liberal students physically assaulted the editor-in-chief of The Primary Source, a conservative editorial magazine with a libertarian bent. They assaulted him in hooded sweatshirts, with bandanas across their faces, and pinned him to the ground; when the police arrived, they bragged about it to the officer (who dutifully wrote it down on his police report).

When the three students were brought up on disciplinary charges, ultra-liberal students on campus protested loudly for several days. They picketed the judicial proceedings and flooded the administration with complaints. In the end, the three students were given only a mild form of probation (their parents weren't even notified), and a week later that was rescinded by powerful people within administration.

Politically-motivated crime should never be tolerated at an institute of higher learning. Indeed, if it had been three Republicans against a liberal publisher, it would have provoked sharp outrage. Yet it was quietly accepted by the academic community at Tufts, one of the nation's leading universities.

By refusing to condemn such behavior and expel those students who broke the most basic rules of civility, Tufts' professors and administrators added to an atmosphere of extreme political intolerance. Such is the environment in which today's young people find themselves. Violence and hatred is not only selectively pardoned, it is encouraged, so long as the victims are politically unpopular.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to all for your comments. Special kudos to Alex for such great information on the situation at Tufts. I have a great fear that if we do not "out" these hate-mongering leftists that not only will this behavior become acceptable but will spread to High School and Elementary schools. You can find Alex’s blog here at, give him a read, he’s got some things to say.

The Mad Tech