Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Proof That Wisdom Knows No Age Limit

Often when I come across a blog that I want to read on a regular basis, I add it to my sidebar, and live bookmarks in Firefox then call it a day. I usually leave a comment on the blog but I don't always draw attention to the new addition on my reading list. Well faithful readers, that day has passed.

I was surfing through Blog Explosion yesterday, minding my own business, reading at least the last 4 posts on every site, my personal policy. I came across this blog by Nathan, called Neoconservative America. Admittedly there are quite a few good writers in the Blogsphere, and IMHO, Nathan is one of them. The title of today's post was inspired by the fact that Nathan is only 16 according to his profile and yet has a fantastic grasp of history. Hell, when I was his age, my only thoughts were how to do as little as possible in school and hang out with my friends.

His post from the 12th of December is a blunt and honest indictment of the failure of Germany to learn from its own history which makes me sad since I am half German from my Father's side. You can read the entire post here, but let me quote from the first paragraph below.

They stand there and protest a world in which American dominance is widespread; as if we are there to directly see the demise of them. They insult our leader and our values, call us arrogant, petty, dangerous, war-happy, and inconsiderate of what the "superior" Europeans want (and somehow know is better for us).

If I did not know better I would think he was referring to the American left, amazing how much they sound like Anti-American Europeans. And they wonder why we question their motivation in regards to this country. Boy that comment will get me some anonymous hate postings, oh well the truth hurts sometimes.

Stop by and give Nathan a read at Neoconservative America and see if you’re as impressed as I was by this young man. Later………………………


RomanWanderer said...

When I first came across his blog, I figured he must be copying the info off a newssite. Then I softened and realized there still ARE smart kids out there

GNN Staff Writer said...

Nathan does a good job on his site. I agree.

I just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog. I'm not sayin' that I agree with everything you write, but the energy here is obvious. Keep up the good work.

If you get a chance, stop by my place and leave a note. Merry Christmas

Dingo said...

Actually, I read his poem yesterday also. Yes, he knows the dates and general events and all, but he really doesn't "know" the history of world war I & II and the causes (leading back to the war of 1870 and even further). There is a lot more to it than meets the eye. The economists of the time (shortly after WWI) predicted WWII (Keynes wrote about it) merely from the way the Brits and French constructed the treaty of Versailles (and no, I am not defending Nazi or anything). And you can't hold the Germans completely at fault for WWI either. After all, the whole thing actually started in Serbia. The French were pushing the Russians to get into a war with the Germans so they could use their treaty with Russia to get into a war with Germany so they could take back alsace-lorraine. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that it was not completely one sided... or even two sided.

And we seem to forget that with out the French help, we would have still been an English colony. Why do we get to disagree with France, but not the Germans with us. Nathan has simplified thing way to much. His argument breaks down because of it.

Drunken Samurai said...

Dingo, you are obviously a Yale man...

Deek Deekster said...

and a twat

MelbournePhilosopher said...

The Anti-Americans are onto something, like it or not. Somehow, the most free nation on earth now has a president who has convinced its populace that the price of maintaining this freedom is, er, imposing on their freedom.

Bush is a fearmonger. The "right" say they need to defend themselves against terrorist, and we'd be stupid not to. The "left" really do believe we could all just get along. Violence breeds violence, and has done for far longer than the current generation has been alive to see.

My country is like this also. The difference is that in my country, I feel tolerated, but the US nationalistic attitude - the "God's Country" approach to citizenship is offensive and narrow-minded, not to mention sacriligious.

The right seems to have lost its ability to track a reasoned argument, and those on the left feel hurt and alienated by the conservative subscription to metaphor, simplicity and emotion ahead of sound argument.

It is obviously true that despite not living in the US, they are too big to ignore, but that does not equate with "best". Unfortunately, I have no idea how to persuade the conservative right other than to say that the left will still be here to help after disaster has struck.

Jennifer said...

Please don't think that everyone who disagrees with US foreign policy is necessarily anti-American. (A friend who agrees with EVERYTHING you say is probably just a 'yes' man).

At least your government was honest with you before the Iraq thing started. Here in the UK we were lied to. And that rankles. But, let's face it, now it's started, it must be seen through.

Does that make me left, right or on-the-fence? :)

Drunken Samurai said...


I am not sure Aussies can comprehend the American world view - unless the Sydney Opera House were to have a 747 crash into it, killing 3000 people. Oh, on live TV. Then, maybe, you might have a clue.

You are not paranoid when people ARE trying to kill you.

Kate Campbell said...

Drunken Samurai,

You're acting quite the victim. Do you actually think that the war in Iraq is going to protect you from anyone who is out to kill you? It IS acting paranoid though, I must say. Without substantive evidence that people are plotting the demise of all Americans, it is paranoid to think we're constantly under attack. Not to say it isn't smart to be on the defense. However, being on the defense doesn't mean we need to kill everyone else before they can kill us even though we have no proof that they want to kill us.

I'm an American. I didn't want to go to war, piss off the world until we have no allies left and end up screwing ourselves over. It's frustrating that so many Americans support the idea that war is good, that this war has any sort of purpose. It's a bullshit war. I'm not even going to attempt a guess at why this war is in progress because I have no clue. Everyone has their own theories about why we're at war. How pathetic is it that we can't state why we're in another country killing people and ourselves being killed daily? Who wants to support that? Why can't people realize there's a definite line between the war in Iraq and America defending itself? They are not related. Iraq was no threat to us. We went in there thinking there might be a threat, before we had real proof. Later we find out there is no threat but stay anyhow and cling to the idea that we're there for a reason because no one can admit when they're wrong. It's pathetic, childish and sick that so many people choose not to grasp reality. Some people WANT to be lied to, to justify horrible things. I for one want things to be fixed. I want the truth to be told to the world, I want apologies to be made, and most importatly I want for no one to be put in harms way over NOTHING.

Drunken Samurai said...

Kate Campbell,

I must disagree with almost everything you have said but one thing. You have no clue. Perhaps someday you will realize what is happening around the world and realize that the U.S. is not the bad guys. I personally believe that the liberation of Iraq is very important to our security and to the security of the world. It certainly is not "nothing." I hope you never become a victim of terrorism. That is the goal. People are dying for YOUR safty.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to all who commented. You’re thought are always welcome even I don't agree with them. I would like to pass out some advice to our friends on the left. My intent of this post was to highlight the intelligent writing of Nathan at the young age of 16. While I do agree with points of his argument, those comments really should be shared with the author. Drop by Nathan's website and let him know how you feel.

We have a phrase at my place of employment that fits perfectly for some of our commenter, "It's not always about you". Relax; don't take it personal, my comment was simply an observation, nothing more, nothing less.

Couple of shout-outs to attend to, first of all, Dingo if you thought Nathan's post was a poem, you have been surfing the internet too long.

Next, MelbournePhilosopher, thanks for your comment, but I disagree. Every citizen of each country has a view that is specific to their culture and unless they spend a considerable time living abroad then ultimately their view is limited. Now that being said, if you have lived in the US, I apologize. I have not lived in Australia so I can't even begin to try and comment on your political landscape, but we live in an open and relatively free society and everyone is entitled to their opinion, so thanks for yours.

And last but not least, Kate. While I thank you for your comment, perhaps you could be better served by visiting the Drunken Samurai’s blog and giving him a read, link is in the sidebar. I mean I would not want people to think that he and I am the same person, lol.

Again, thanks to all that stopped by and left a comment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Mad Tech

Dingo said...

To Drunken Samurai: Dartmouth man, not Yale... I'm a drunk, not a pansy... how dare you insult me like that. Additionally, whether it is paranoia or not, actions have repercussion. It is possible to actually make new enemies by the way you try to protect yourself from others. "liberating" Iraq may or may not make us safer. Right now, it is looking like the former. What do you say when you lose thousands of soldiers and create an Iranian type theocracy because you were avenging the death of 3000. Should we go after the terrorists? Yes, but Iraq was not the place to do it, and now we have lost our credibility. As much as you might like the "go it alone" plan, it is never going to work.

To Deek Deekster: How articulate... try this web site:

To Mad Tech: Yes, you are right... I have been surfing too much. Don't ask me why I called it a poem. My bad.