Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's Official I am Not a Geek

This is too funny. My friends and family would never believe the score though. I am off to enjoy Saturday football after a long night of poker. Enjoy the quiz. Later...............

You are 30% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

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Anne Basso said...

I was very dissapointed with this quiz. Where were the Monty Python questions? Or Star Trek? Or Lord of the Rings? I only scored 25%! I went through hell in grade school for nothing! :-)

Mud's Tests said...

Excellent archiving format--wondering how you did that. I'd be interested in knowing if you made that yourself, or if it was something from blogger. Feel free to stop by my blog and leave a comment in the most recent entry.


Anonymous said...

I took that a while ago...I was a geek liason too. :-)

Anonymous said...

Seeing your score makes me even prouder of the 65% I got.

Drunken Samurai said...

Dude, I know you and you are definately a geek. You need help. I, on the other hand, am perfectly normal.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to all for your comments, geeks and non-geeks alike.

The Mad Tech