Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Beware Bloggers, The ACLU Is Coming To Your Rescue

My goodness could it be that the "evil" ACLU is actually fulfilling its mission and protecting free speech. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. The ACLU has filed a friend of the court brief that defends mine and every other blogger out there from being sued over objectionable quotes.

The article can be found here and it goes like this, if I say something that is libelous or outrageous and one of my buddies in the sidebar quotes me on their blog, they can not be sued. Well the California Court of Appeals has ruled that any internet publisher, i.e. blogger, can be sued for objectionable material even if it's in the form of a quote of another's speech.

The ACLU filed this brief in defense of all internet publishers. It basically states that you or I can quote the most hateful and evil speech and as long as it's not our original writings or opinions, we are protected under the first amendment. See, I told you that the ACLU does some good every once and awhile. I do still think that they are a misguided organization that does a small portion of the good they could be accomplishing.

Enough of that love fest, here's a link detailing yet another battle over Christmas in schools. Gotta love it when lawyers fight among one another. I can see it now, coming on Fox this Saturday night, "When Lawyers Attack......"


Anonymous said...

What a great but chilling post for us bloggers. Love your site.


Anonymous said...

HA! When Lawyers attack would be awesome. Or how about a lawyers only boxing circuit??

Benjamin Solah said...

I live in oz so I'm lucky, but then again we seem to follow everything else you do, I'll have to wait and see