Friday, November 12, 2004

Anyone Notice..............

Has anyone noticed the lack of coverage of events in Iraq by the MSM lately? I am talking about Falluja specifically. I would think that our media, cable news included, would spend more then a few minutes on the story in each hour. The best coverage I have found is coming from the foreign press on their websites and through embedded reporters. I know that I rant about the MSM on a fairly regular basis, but damn it they are failing at their jobs.

Here are some links to follow and get a good sense of the Battle for Falluja:

The Belmont Club

So the grand old terrorist finally died, good riddance. I hope he is enjoying his new surroundings in Hell. There are all kinds of theories about what actually killed him and since he died in French we may never know. You ask why, because France has no law required the cause of death be disclosed. In the end it really does not matter, an evil man is dead and we should not over-analyze this event.

I will say this, I expect the Arab media to treat him as a saint that is given, but when the American media does it, well what can I say. How about they are a bunch of delusional America hating nut jobs? The man was a murderer and a terrorist; it's as simple as that. On that note, below are some links to some interesting thoughts on this man's death. Pay attention to the dateline on the World Net Daily article, very interesting. Later..................


Michael_the_Archangel said...

Sung to the tune of 'Yes Sir, that's my baby'

Yassar, he is de-ad
Yassar, I don't mean maybe
Yassar, he is dead - NOW

Well, you get the idea.

Face it, you'll probably live your lifetime and NEVER get a chance to pun the heck of a name like this again.

Blue said...

Check out The Adventures of chester for some great reporting on Fallujah, more than you probably need!

From a former Marine who served in Iraq last year.