Sunday, November 07, 2004

Straight From The Horses Mouth

Maybe now that the election is over the Mainstream Media can start doing their jobs like reporting on how we are doing some good in places like Afghanistan. Check out this story.

Here's a letter from a Marine in Fallujah talking about the truth of that terrorist hotbed.

Guess stories like these just don't cut it for the "real" news organizations. God Bless the men and women in our military. Enjoy.........


Chris Edwards said...

I completly agree. The media needs to stop talking about how Bush won based on "values" or "morals" that are limited to the right. Additionally, people need to stop claiming Bush has a mandate to do whatever he wants, while liberals have to stop whinning and move on. The election is over; the US doesn't have time for any more partisanship. We have a ton of work to do in Iraq to ensure that country has good elections, and bickering about some irrelevant details won't do anything. I put a post about uniting the nation on my own blog, but I am amazed that few people have done similar.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comment Chris.
Great posting on your site. Keep up the good work.

The Mad Tech

r said...

Mad Tech- thanks for the link to Dave's letter. He is a terrific person and an exemplary Marine. I know that his letters may be preaching to the choir, but if even one person reads them and has a change of understanding about what is actually happening, then posting them has been more than worth it.

The Mad Tech said...

R, thanks for your comment. I pray for all of our fighting men and women. As they say, "The Truth is out there", we just need to help it along.

The Mad Tech

RanDomino said...

I had a class this past semester with a former soldier fresh off the plane, back from Iraq.

He had some incredible stories, like eating chicken (at a food stand) that they'd just watched walking around a half an hour ago- it was killed, cleaned, and cooked right on the spot.

They were an engineering company, and one job was to rebuild a bridge. Every day they'd leave base, go to the site, work, and come back, on a regular schedule. On the way in, they'd pass a town at the same time every day. One day, they decided to try an alternate route to see if it would be faster.
That was the day, as they found out later, that roadside bombs had been set up in the town, waiting for them.

They did some amazing things. They built roads, schools, infrastructure, the stuff that should get reported. In one town, they built up such a comaraderie with the locals that they would come tell the soldiers if there were any new foreigners acting suspicious. But when they got done with the job they were doing there, they left. Their replacements were fresh from Kuwait. Shortly after the reassignments, some of the soldiers on patrol heard a car backfire. The old company wouldn't have thought anything of it, because they were used to it, but the new one confused it for gunfire- they returned fire, and killed a couple of totally innocent Iraqis.

It's not hard to see that similar events are may not be uncommon. Our occupation is not free from critisism. Though a lot of good is done, and I agree that it is underreported, much ill is, too.