Wednesday, November 17, 2004

What The F*ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with this statement, Putin Says Russia Working on New Nuclear Systems?

Why on Earth would Russia think they needed new nuclear weapons? Maybe because a certain jackass Senator puked up during a debate that we were working on a low-yield nuke for killing terrorists holed up in mountains or insane dictators in underground bunkers. I thought during the debate that Kerry made a serious faux pas in disclosing this and it would have some sort of consequences. Perhaps Mr. Kerry's security clearance needs to be reviewed, well that's wishful thinking. I have linked two stories below about the Russian push for some new nuclear toys.


Stephanie said...

wtf, indeed.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're blaming Senator Kerry for Russia's nuclear program. Your country has proved to be the most dangerous in the history of the planet. The United States is the only nation that has ever dropped nuclear bombs; it has the world's biggest and growing stock of WMDs; it continues to violate the Geneva Convention; it refuses to ratify the Ottawa protocol on the eradication of land mines or join the International Criminal Court. Please go to and try to read through the information (in the public domain!) from the perspective of the other 95% of earthlings.

anti said...

the wtf?, is your blaming Kerry.

The Mad Tech said...

Stephanie, thanks for your comment. Always glad to hear from those north of the border. The point of the post was not to blame Kerry for Russia's nuclear weapons; I would have to be insane or Canadian. Just kidding, I love hockey and your beer.

But seriously, don't buy into the US liberal hype. My feeble attempt at a humorous link between Kerry and Russian Nukes aside, this is a serious topic and I believe that the US has somehow given the Russians the idea that since we still have some nukes then they need to have some new nukes to offset our nukes. I sincerely hope this does not start another arms race.

As for your loathing of the United States, well we all have our crosses to bear. Thanks again for your comment.

The Mad Tech

Drunken Samurai said...

I would rather the Russians built bomb for themselve than for Iranians...or North Koreans. The the Russians are no more likely to use these weapons than we are. Much to do about nothing.

Please stop scaring the Canadians!