Saturday, November 06, 2004

F*ck The United Nations

Someone explain to me just who the hell the UN thinks they are? I was so freaking angry about this latest attempt by the UN to interject them selves into the business of this country, that I actually went here and read their damn charter. The short version of that story is that the UN Human Rights folks would like us to explain the Patriot Act to them.

Now I am not going to say that are not times the UN should be concerned about what a country may be doing to its citizens, but think on this. The UN has now tried to cover up its Oil for Food scandal, tried to interject itself into US politics with a 4 month old reports about supposed missing weapons, and failed once more to do anything about genocide or nuclear proliferation in the world at large.

The UN is a failed, ineffectual, corrupt, greedy organization that frankly should take care of their own house before peeking in ours. I mean what's the freaking point of them looking at the Patriot Act? So they can send their lawyers to Washington D.C. and register the UN's disapproval and offer suggestions on how we should defend ourselves?

Can you figure out why no country seems to listen or pay attention to the UN when they levy sanctions or pass resolutions? Because they don't mean what they say, sound familiar? The good that certain arms of the UN do is by far out-weighed by the lack of action when needed, outright corruption, and bitter politics of the "new world order" crowd.

A few more points if I may, the United States had not being paying its membership dues until Bill Clinton became President, and I suggest we stop paying once more. What are getting for our money? How about these benefits for starters: an organization that stabs our country in the back every chance it gets because it does not like who our President is at the moment, an organization that is too corrupt to trust, and organization that is too inept to count on for any serious dialogue on the acts of horror around the world. If I may be so bold, it's time the UN moved its HQ elsewhere, maybe France.

FDR would be not even recognize the organization he envisioned and Truman helped to create. The sad part about this whole rant is that it does not matter, the UN will not change. They had some much potential and it was just pissed away.

Ok, I am done. I fully expect to get flamed as an isolatist, which could not be further from the truth. The UN is a great and noble idea whose idea has yet to come. I am not sure what the solution is, too many people have too much to lose if any reform at the UN were to take place. Enough for tonight/today. Later.............


Anonymous said...

Further proof of why the UN cannot be used effectively:

A CNN report on China and Iran.

An Al-Jazeera article on the EU, the UN and economic sanctions with Iran.

Anonymous said...

Here are additional items of how worthless the UN's nuclear extension, the IAEA, and its current leader Mohammed ElBaradei really are:

A 13 Feb 2003 article from BBC, citing that the ElBaradei found North Korea was in breach of UN nuclear standards and recommending that the Security Council take action. The neighbors of North Korea state that they prefer a diplomatic solution instead of ElBaradei's recommendation. North Korea responded that it would consider any Security Council verdict harsher than a condemnation (sanctions or intervention) as tantamount to declared war.

A 14 May article where ElBaradei states that North Korea used treaty loopholes to create a nuclear weapons program (mysteriously) while North Korea was under IAEA supervision.

An 11 Oct article on North Korea stating sanctions by the UN would again be seen as tantamount to declared warA BBC article from 1 Nov where ElBaradei calls both North Korea (and Iran) to do more than they currently are.

Iran and North Korea react to ElBardei's challenge as published on 2 Nov.

2 people saw the same speech in Stanford on 5 Nov, which cite both say ElBaradei cites the lack of UN Security Council activity against North Korea as bad:
ElBaradei slams the US on Iraq and North Korea
ElBaradei states that the US getting rid of nuclear weapons is a catalyst to the world's issues with nuclear weapons.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for the great information.

The Mad Tech

vern said...

"Here are additional items of how worthless the UN's nuclear extension, the IAEA, and its current leader Mohammed ElBaradei really are:"

How exactly do the points you bring up support your belief that the IAEA and it's leader are worthless?

Your references actually support the claim that the surrounding countries of N. Korea, and Iran, are creating the problem, and that the U.N. is trying to control and contain the problem.

Because these surrounding nations refuse to use a military action against N. Korea, and instead prefer a "diplomatic solution" are proof that the U.N. contstantly has it's hands tied by stupid reporesentatives from stupid nations.

Seriously, the world would be a lot better off if the U.N. had a viable military force with which to enforce its resolve against rogue nations, such as N. Korea and Iran. Also, as the U.S. is essentially the World's Police, it is imperative that we adhere to the U.N. recommendations, lest we appear (as we already have) to be a loose cannon, and not to be trusted to do any actual policing.


Sis. Robin said...

**standing ovation** Well said, my friend...