Monday, November 01, 2004

Death To America Says Iranian Lawmakers

While everyone is worried about the election and rightly so, the "lawmakers" in Iran are screaming Death to America while passing a law requiring the Iranian government to all but make nuclear weapons. I am afraid that we will dealing with the "Iran" problem sooner then later, all more reason to return President Bush to office.

The Iranians have to this point refused to deal with the European Union on this issue of nuclear weapons. The United States has largely stayed out of the fray due to past history with Iran. It is apparent that we need to join the world voice and address this issue as soon as possible. Regardless of what they say, the Iranians would rather deal with a wishy-washy Kerry then a strong leader such as the President. Later..............


Anonymous said...

Amen! :)

Follow That Star

Brin said...

Why are America allowed nuclear weapons but not Iran?

Who decides on this issue? A global union of diplomats? Why should Iran listen to the global community? America didn't listen to the UN.

This smacks of hypocrisy. Listen to the global community, only when it sits right with the US.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to you both for your comments, welcome back Brin.

I guess the simple answer to your question would be, yes the UN and the world community as a whole decides who gets to build nuclear weapons.

A longer answer might be that Iran has been a member of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty for awhile and they have pledged not to build nuclear weapons. I also believe that to be a member of the UN, the member country has to agree to some nonproliferation policy regarding nuclear weapons; I am researching this and may have a link for you later today. The US and other countries with nuclear weapons have pledged to reduce them as everyone recognizes what a terrible threat to peace they are.

The reason the North Koreans feel that can "legally" build nuclear weapons is because they dropped out of the nonproliferation treaty about 18 months ago after admitting that they had been violating it for years.

The Mad Tech