Thursday, November 18, 2004

The New California Map

Just found this via Blog Explosion. Very funny, even if you sit on the left. Enjoy............


Anonymous said...

But the problem is, most of california's population lives in those yellow areas. The problem I have with electoral maps by county or whatever is they don't reflect population, only land area. I mean, I live in Washington. King County is our most populous county and is liberal. It's where most of the votes come from. There are many other countries in western washington that are liberal, but there are a few more republican ones. But they're population is less than the population of the blue counties, if you see what i mean. The point i'm trying to make is that electoral maps by county don't necessarily reflect the will of a state, they reflect the land area. I don't feel like I'm articulating my point very well, but I tried.

Kevin said...

No. You articulated yourself very well. And you're right. Electoral maps based on geographical landmasses is not only silly, it's nonsensical. Land masses can't vote.

It might help to think of it in different terms. If you had a wealthy landowner who owned a lot of land but who had sold off small parcels on the edges to people so that he could have a nearby workforce of peasants... and if the land owner voted one way and all of the poor shmucks who worked for him voted another way... that Cali Conservative would be able to generate a map showing the vast majority of landmass went for candidate "A" simply because the wealthy landowner had thousands of acres compared to the little quarter acre plots he'd sold off to house him employees and their families.

The incredible thing is that the Cali Conservative professes amazement that intellectuals wouldn't see the superiority of his silly geographic argument.