Friday, November 19, 2004

No Honor Among Thieves

Well, I guess the thieves over at the corrupt UN finally had enough and are preparing to discipline one of their own. Kofi Annan is about to face the first no-confidence vote in the history of the UN. All I can say is it's about time and I hope we were involved in getting this vote scheduled.

The problem with Annan's removal is that we are likely to face an increasing anti-American and hostile UN after he is thrown out on his ass. The UN's future as an effective organization for peace is in serious doubt and will need a strong Secretary-General above reproach to restore the trust and respect that Annan has pissed away in pursuit of his own greed.

The UN has done much good in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe to help undeveloped countries and people in need, it really is a shame that this organization has fallen so far. I hope for the best in the aftermath of Annan's ouster. I have linked an article below for your review.


Kevin said...

I don't know what is worse, an anti-American UN with some raving lunatic or an anti-American UN with Bill Clinton at the helm. He might think that he's president of the world and then he can get him some hot Asian chicks. Either way we are paying for this anti-American organization.


Anonymous said...

You know, the UN wasn't built to keep us happy, it was built for the good of the world. A lot of countries are really mad at us right now. The UN is a reflection of that. Maybe we should take some hints.

As for Bill Clinton, he had one affair. FDR had tons and we all still love him. Get over it.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to you both for your comments.

I understand Kev's comment but I am having a little trouble my head around the statement by anonymous.

I will concur that the UN does not exist for the happiness of the United States; I will even agree that the UN was designed to be force for the greater good of the world. So we agree on those two points.

So if I follow the logic in your statement, the fact that the UN is a reflection of a world that is pissed at us basically makes it ok for the UN to ignore genocide in Africa (where Mr. Annan hails from), allow it's officials to steal from the Iraqi people via the flawed Oil for Food program, not to mention the UN's failure to act for the good of the world in Kosovo, Somalia, East Timor and other places.

Let me just say that must be some great pot or crack your smoking over there in Washington State. Please send me some so I too can toke up and ignore the reality of the world.

Thanks again for dropping by.

The Mad Tech

P.S. Yes, I am messing with you about the drugs. But you’re still wrong about the UN. Enjoy............

Len Kutchma said...

As I've said elsewhere, although I'm happy Annan may finally be on his way out I have to question the credibility of the people involved. Not to trivialize sexual harrassment but they are silent over his complicity in a scam which allowed a murdering despot to scam $20 billion - that's ok. But they're suddenly up in arms over a sexual harrassment charge.

With respect to the response by anonymous to Kev; I think Kev was being satirical. But here's some reality. Clinton and the UN are about as inept as each other. On Clinton's watch - first WTC bombing, Tanzania, USS Cole, Beirut, the laying of the groundwork for 9/11, the selling of sensitive technology to China, shall I continue? On the UNs watch - genocide all over Africa, genocide all over the Balkans, the entire organization is overrun and controlled by a bunch of 2-bit dictators.