Thursday, November 18, 2004

Subscribe To The Madness

I have added a subscription box to the sidebar. The purpose of this is to allow those of you who read my ravings on a regular, semi-regular, or once in a great while basis to be notified with an email one a new entry is posted. I also can but am not sure I will, send mass messages to those who are subscribed. I really don't think I will do that, at least at this point. I mean who needs another piece of email. I will never sell or redistribute anyone's email, frankly I hate spammers more then most and would like to see them all killed ASAP.

I would like thank everyone who reads my crazy ramblings; it's been a wild ride the last few months. I have a BE update, check out the graph below. This is my traffic from Oct. 21st to today. I had been a BE member for a few weeks prior to the 21st but had to switch to a different stat counter for better reporting. Anyway, thanks again to all and tomorrow is Poker Night.

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