Saturday, November 27, 2004

Haloscan Update

Thanks to all who commented and took part in the poll. I took the poll down due to the fact I only signed up for the free trial and they limit you to 100 page views of the poll. I did manage to get 12 votes and several comments and I think I am going to switch to Haloscan.

I am not sure when I will make the switch-over but it will not be until I figure out a way to save all existing comments. Any suggestions would be welcome. I am stuck with the thought that since I have all comments in my email, I may enter them manually after the Haloscan installation. Guess I will save that for a slow work day.

Well, I am off to our neighborhood X-mas season kick-off festival. Take the kids to see Santa and let them ride the ponies and kiddie rides, while Mrs. Mad Tech and I stuff our faces with chow. Gotta love the holiday season. I was reading over at FFS that Kelly and her family volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. That is one of the greatest ideas I have ever heard, kudos you and your family for really helping out the less fortunate.


Terry said...

I'm pretty sure there is a setting in blogger that says something like "Allow Comments on New Posts" so if you just put no on that then all old posts will continue to have blogger comments and you are free to switch over to haloscan.

darcey said...

I just enabled both. Had some wierd stuff happen but I think it is working good now.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks to you both for your advice. I am thinking I will switch over around Christmas.

The Mad Tech