Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday Funk

I don't know if it's the let down from the election or what, but I am in a funk today. Part of my daily tasks is to review the pervious day’s cases that were created by my co-workers and submit corrections to them, it's a damn thankless job and generally I hate doing it. Basically a supervisor task without the supervisor pay, the MO of corporate America. Usually on Friday I can knock it out before lunch, which for me is 2:30pm since I work the closing shift, but today I really don't feel like doing shit.

Our company announced a new CEO on Thursday, expected since we have a new parent company, so the mood around here is pretty reserved, kind of waiting for the other shoe to drop. We are having corporate visitors on Tuesday for some executive briefing, code for your going to be interviewing with the "Bobs". I am feeling pretty good about my status, but we will see.

I may not post tomorrow, got a few errands to run, stuff I had been putting off since I was spending part of my weekends working for the Prez. We will see, I can usually squeeze off a post or two while feeding my 2 month old daughter. She does not seem to care if I spend time on the computer as long as I have a bottle stuck in her mouth. Ah, to be a child with no care for what the future might hold, there's the life. Later..........


kj4ever said...

It's been my experience that supervisors can't do our job. I can do there job, and can do their bosses job. Hell, I can do their bosses bosses job, but none of them can do mine. lol

The Mad Tech said...

Ain't that the sad truth of it.

The Mad Tech