Friday, October 01, 2004

The Spin Begins

First of all, President Bush did as well as he had in 2000 against Al "I am a piece of wood" Gore. He stuck to his vision for this country and expressed in terms that every American can understand.

Senator Kerry is by all accounts a great (master?) debater. Hence he did well on style, but I must stress that he did nothing to make sense of his ever-changing position on Iraq nor explain how he plans to patch up things with our allies that he insults on a daily basis.

I would have love for the President to hit Kerry a little harder on his vote against funding our troops and his changing description of how he feels about the war. Some timely quoting of Kerry would have gone a long way towards sealing the deal for the President.

I am still of the opinion that the President will win and it will be close in certain states. I firmly believe that everyone that goes into the voters booth on November 2nd must ask themselves one question.

"Will Kerry make the hard decisions that will need to be made to keep this country safe and prosecute the war on the Islamic terrorists, or will he draw American back from the war on terror and wait until we get hit again before he hunts the terrorists?"

I for one will not bet the lives of my wife and two children on the fact that a man who only spent 4 months in a terrible war 30 years ago has a "hero" complex. My Uncle fought as a US Marine in Vietnam for 18 months and can not talk about his experience. No sir, I will not support a man that can not decide on his core values until 40 days before an election.

As I have stated in the past there are social and economic issues that I strongly disagreed with the President on. But the bottom line is that I trust this man to do everything in his power to prevent another terrorist attack on our soil.

Living in Arizona, whether we like it or not, puts us on the frontline of the battle for the security of this nation. Think for a minute on how many people cross our southern border everyday illegally. Arizona has become the number one crossing point for illegals coming to our country. It would be very easy for a group of terrorists to cross the border in Arizona, conduct a strike anywhere in the southwest US and melt back across the border to Mexico. I doubt that in the event of such attack that we could count on our southern neighbors to help us hunt down those responsible. Well that is enough ranting for this evening.

Later True believers.......

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