Sunday, October 24, 2004

Q & A With John F'ing Kerry

I found this article off one of my Google Alerts. See, I like to keep tabs on what the forces of Evil are doing on a day to day basis. On to the lies and the man who tells them, other wise known as John F'ing Kerry. Does he really think no one notices that he says whatever he thinks will get him elected?

Here is a great example, Kerry is asked about the possibility of a repeat of the 2000 Election, and here is the Q&A is below.

Q: What’s your plan if this election goes to the courts?

A: It’s not going to go to the courts. We are going to win this election and I don’t think it is going to go to the courts. The American people will come out in record numbers and they are going to decide this election. I want to guarantee, that anybody that is worried about voting, we have 10,000 lawyers that are part of the team nationally that are guaranteeing that people are going to vote. That is why I’m very confident, because we put together ahead of time the legal team necessary to guarantee people’s rights to vote. And that’s why I believe it won’t go to the courts.

Never mind the fact that the Dems have those 10,000 lawyers ready to sue on their behalf in any state where the election is close, or that they have special "legal SWAT teams" ready to roll on Election Night. It's not really about protecting the rights of any voter as far as their concerned, just about winning for their guy.

And another thing, what makes Kerry think he’s in a position to guarantee anything to anyone? Hell the man can’t even guarantee he will have the same position on anything from one day to the next. He did speak a tiny nugget of truth, the Americans are going to turn out in record numbers and they will choose to re-elect President Bush in a much larger margin then the pundits are expecting. Check out the full interview at the link below. Later Troops…………..

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