Friday, October 29, 2004

An Open Letter To John Kerry

Senator Kerry,

I would like to explain why I can not vote for you and why I would encourage every American not vote for you. Allow me to take your agenda point by point.

(1) Your position on the Iraq. I do not believe for one second that you will do what needs to be done to help the Iraqi people in their path toward freedom. I feel that based on your changing positions and your aversion to war and our military, you will leave Iraq as soon as you can. The only thing I can give you credit for is your service to this country in Vietnam, thank you. This would be a terrible mistake and allow the Iraqis to fall under a Taliban like government. You have done nothing but be critical of the efforts of our military and allies, not to mention your changing position on funding the war. Let me refresh your memory, in an interview with Tim Russert of NBC this past spring you were asked about funding for the Iraq War. Mr. Russert asked you if you thought the funding at the time was adequate, your response was that the funding should be increased and when asked by how much, you responded by however much it takes to win. Now you are out on the campaign trail saying that the President has allocated too much money for the Iraqi War effort and even lying about the amount. Do you understand why the American public simply does not trust you on this issue?

(2) Your position on the War on Terror. I think your recent comment on terrorists being a nuisance sums up your entire position on terror. You are squarely in the Clinton camp on this one. You have stood shoulder to shoulder with the Clinton Administration as they launched worthless missile strikes on ambiguous targets in a reactionary policy that does nothing to prevent future attacks. Listen carefully, terrorism is not a nuisance nor is it a matter for law enforcement. Terrorism requires a proactive military response, end of story. If we move away from this policy, the fight against terror will surely come to our shores and be fought on the streets of America.

(3) Your position on Economics. I am sure that you know this or have been told, but 80% of the jobs in this country are created by small businesses and not large government programs. Your plan to repeal the tax cut on Americans making over $200,000 would hurt job creation since most small business owners pay their taxes at the personal tax rate rather then a business rate. This may be economics 101 but 80% of the income tax in this country is paid by the wealthiest 20%, do you mean to suggest that they pay a larger share? Being a rich man yourself, can you explain why then you avoid paying your fair share by using loopholes in the tax code? Is this another case of doing what you say but not what you do? Class warfare is one page you should have thrown out of the Democrat plan book.

(4) Your position on Health Care. Let’s take a look at the current Flu shot “crisis” as an example of what you’re proposing for our entire health care system. The shortage of Flu shots is directly a result of failed government price controls put in place by the Clinton Administration to achieve the worthy goal of immunizing each child. The price controls combined with rampant lawsuits have forced American vaccine companies to conclude that they simply can not do business in this environment, thus our dependence on foreign supplies of the Flu vaccine. Your health care policy if implemented will have the same effect and the world-class health care system we enjoy today will be reduced to the Canadian or British model at best. If the vaccine and pharmaceutical companies can not make a profit then the first area to suffer is research and development. R&D is the hallmark of our world class health system, and without it, we are faced with the prospect of a Third World health system.

(5) Your position on Social Security. Whether you like it or not, Social Security needs to be fixed, adjusted, or something done to preserve the benefits that we pay to current and future seniors. Your recent statement that Social Security is fine and you’re not going to “tinker” with it is just misleading and wrong. If you’re elected President you will face two choices as the baby boomers retire, either raise the retirement age or decrease benefits. If you choose to ignore the problem as you have stated is your plan, then I and my children will have to make other plans for retirement because Social Security as we know it will cease to exist. Senator, this problem requires some “thinking outside the box” and not someone such as yourself who wants to stick your head in the sand.

(6) Your position on Immigration. I actually had not heard your position on immigration with the exception of your ducking of the question in the 3rd Presidential debate. I paid your website a visit to find your plan for immigration, which I had to search for since it was not listed on your main platform page. After reading your stance, I find it vague and pandering to big business’s needs for cheap labor and your own party’s need for voters. For the record, I feel that both parties have failed the American people on this issue and have serious disagreements with the President’s plans for immigration. You offer no solution that will protect this country from the hoards of illegals crossing our borders each day.

I do have one thing to congratulate you on Senator. You claim to be a “uniter”; well you have managed to completely reverse the definition of “uniter”. Here’s the new definition according to your actions:

  • You divide American by race with your “Jim Crow” tactics.
  • You divide American by economics with your pitting of the rich vs. everyone else in a battle of class warfare.
  • You divide American youth against everyone by your false claims of a coming military draft.
  • You divide American seniors against everyone by your false claims of privatizing Social Security.
  • You divide American men and women with your exaggerations of unfair compensation.

Senator Kerry here’s wishing you luck upon your return to the Senate, May you continue what you started, 20 years of missing committee meetings, voting on the wrong side of issues and overall incompetence.


The Mad Tech.

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