Sunday, October 17, 2004

Those Damn Syrians

This post was going to be about how we need to put greater pressure on the Syrian government to disclose exactly how they helped Iraq in the days leading up to the Second Iraq War.

But faithful readers, I have let myself be angered once again by the jackass known as John Kerry. I am so ready for the election to be held and then I can enjoy the larger then expected victory by our President and the defeat of the Kerry/Kennedy/Clinton political machine.

But back to topic, at some point in the last few days I actually caught a snippet of ABC Nightly News as I flipped channels. Here forth, John Kerry will be known as his surname of jackass. Since jackass was speaking I paused to watch for a moment, eagerly awaiting the new compliant or new accusation of the day.

But as they say in Mayberry, surprise, surprise, surprise. Jackass was again accusing the President of lying about WMD's in Iraq and unbelievablely trying to use the Duelfer Report to prove his point. The point is Senator Jackass, now listen up, the Duelfer Report proves that:

  1. The President made the right decision and we prevented Iraq from restarting their WMD Programs.
  2. The UN sanctions did not work and now we know which of our allies were paid off with oil for food vouchers.
  3. That all of the WMD's that Iraq still had procession of before the war were most likely shipped to Syria according to the report.

Now, let's think about that last fact. If Iraq still had WMD's in 2003 after years of having weapons inspections in the country, then we can only imagine what they could have done if successful in buying off the "allies" and getting the UN sanctions officially lifted.

Can everyone follow this? Obviously our "friends" on the left and our "allies" in Europe can't since they still refuse to acknowledge what a dangerous place the world has become. I swear I will go grey before everyone finally wakes up from their dream worlds and realizes that this is a fundamental battle of good vs. evil. The Islamic terrorists do not fight for money or land; they want us all dead or converted to Islam.


The sad part is that like the Russians, I am afraid it will take another attack on this country to finally convince those on the left and those with their heads in the sand. I can not be anymore plain; the only issue that matters in this election cycle is the safety and security of this great country. Everything else is secondary, because if we fail, we will not have the peace or security to worry about drugs from Canada or whether gay marriage is legal.

I have ranted enough for one night, God Bless American and all of our brave men and women that are protecting this country with their service.

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Drunken Samurai said...

A little wound-up this mornining, eh? Sorry about the eh, I was practicing my Canadian accent.