Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Update to Faux Draft Charges

The GOP finally stood up and with one voice told the American people the truth about who wants the draft brought back. Here's the link:

Remember the truth is out there.......


The Presidents remarks on this subject:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ --

The following is a transcript of a

statement by President Bush:

I applaud the House of Representatives
for soundly rejecting the
"Reinstate the Draft"
bill, sponsored by Congressman Rangel in the
House and
Senator Hollings in the Senate.
If this bill were presented to me, I would

veto it. America's all-volunteer military
is the best in the world, and
the draft would be bad policy. We have
increased pay and benefits
to ensure that
our troops have the resources they need
to fight and win the
war on terror.
I want every American to understand
that, as long as I am
there will be no draft.

SOURCE White House Press Office
Web Site:

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Anonymous said...

I do not recall all of the specific details, but about the time the war was voted on, a couple of the black congressmen noting the talk of war offered a bill to reinstate the draft with the stated goal of protesting the war and trying to wake people up to the possibility that a draft would be needed if things go bad. They also noted that in Viet Nam that a disproportionate number of the draftees came from the poor and ethnic segments of the population. Rich white kids with political contacts would get postings in the National Guard which would exempt them from the war. The National Guard was not being called up at all and the spots were much sought after. They usually had waiting lists to get in. That is why the concern about Bush and his National Guard status.