Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hail To The Victors

Please excuse for me not posting yesterday. I had to have my heart restarted after watching a classic battle between Michigan and Michigan State. To my great delight Michigan prevailed after falling behind by 17 points with a triple overtime winner. This is only the 3rd time Michigan has come from that far behind to win and I am proud to say I have witnessed 2 of the 3 and was at one.

My one and only trip to The Big House was the Michigan/Virginia game in Charles Woodson's freshman year, Tiki Barber was on that Virginia team as well. Michigan came from 17 down to win that game in regulation time.

Saturday game was far more critical for Michigan since they sit atop the Big Ten standings tied with Wisconsin and the two teams do not play each other this year due to the quirky Big Ten schedule. As it stands, Michigan's lone loss is to the hated Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. I have always said that a successful Michigan season only need include victories over Norte Dame, Michigan State, and Ohio State. They could go 3-9 every year in my book as long as they beat those three teams.

Till tomorrow, or later today Happy Halloween........................

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Bry-2000 said...

I completely agree with the 3-9 comment. It was a great game. I am not quite sure I even blinked once the second half strted.