Monday, October 25, 2004

John and Katie Play Softball

Not that I have ever thought Katie Couric was a journalist, but boy did she prove it in this interview with John Kerry. I have provided the link for the full transcript below for your review dear readers. Allow me to comment on a few questions.

Couric: Let me ask you about the politics of fear. Saturday you said the president keeps going around the country trying to scare people, but you have also employed these tactics, one might say, by saying if the president is elected there might be a draft. People might have to work into their 70s or 80s because Social Security could be in jeopardy. You’ve raised the specter of bioterrorism based on the flu-vaccine shortage. So isn't it the pot calling the kettle black to say that the president is scaring the American people?

Sen. Kerry: No, it is profoundly not at all and I’ll tell you why. Because, number one, if we have more of the same policy in Iraq — where we have nine out of 10 of our active-duty divisions either in Iraq, coming back from Iraq, going to Iraq — and you face North Korea, which is now a nuclear threat, and Iran, which is an increasing threat, and you already have a stop loss policy, a back-door draft on your Reserves and your National Guard ... the president has said we're making progress. He’s going to do more of the same in Iraq. So how he's going to do that and get the job done when our own people tell us "You don't have enough troops on the ground," is beyond me. I think that … this is an anxiety that's not been on Social Security, Katie. It’s not my program that's privatizing Social Security. It’s the president's program. He has chosen to do this.

So let me see if I heard you right John. You say that the problem is we are overextended is because the war has been mis-managed but your committed to doing whatever it takes to win and help Iraq be free, sounds exactly like the President’s position. As for the stop-loss orders, those are a direct result of the military cuts that you voted for in the 90's and that Clinton put in place.

Couric: The Bush campaign is planning to spend the final days of this election saying you are weak on terrorism. Dick Cheney has talked about the fact that you voted against the first Gulf War [and] Saddam Hussein would still be in power, the Soviet Union would still exist if it were up to you. You voted against intelligence funding after the first World Trade Center attack in '93. You don't have the record to be commander in chief, and this weakness invites more terrorism.

Sen. Kerry: Now let me just look you and America in the eye and tell you this. Unlike Dick Cheney and George Bush, I put my life on the line for my country when it counted. I fought for this nation and I defended it as a young man, and I will defend America as president of the United States. I have supported the biggest military budgets in American history. I’ve supported the biggest intelligence budgets in American history. I'm not going to take a second seat to anybody about the passion that I bring to defending America.

So if you know that Katie's not going to challenge anything you say, then you have free license to lie? Kerry has constantly voted against increased funding for both intelligence and military. Check his voting record at
The site has summaries of Kerry's voting record by year.

Couric: The most recent NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll, Senator Kerry, said only 51 percent of voters said they felt they knew what you would do when you were elected, compared to 76 percent who think they know what the president would do. Forty-one percent said you didn't have a message. So, right now, can you tell me succinctly, if you had to say what your message to the American people is, what would that be?

Sen. Kerry: I'm going to make America safer and stronger than George Bush has. I’m going to fight a more effective, smarter war on terror. I’m going to bring America’s reputation back in the world, bringing our allies to our side. I will make America stronger at home, providing affordable health care to all Americans and keeping our commitment to jobs that pay more here in America than the jobs that are going overseas, and a tax cut for middle-class Americans. I will fight a more effective war on terror and I will fight for the middle class, something George Bush doesn't do.

So if there has not been any attack since 9/11, how exactly can he make us safer then that? Our "Allies", some of whom sold us down the river for Oil for Food vouchers have stated that they will not help even if you’re President. As for paying for your health care program, how do you plan on paying for it? I am in the middle-class and guess what you liberal, anti-American, jackass, I got a tax cut and you’re not getting it back.

Ok, I was a little over the top on that last comment but I happen to like that I don't pay as much in taxes as I did 4 years ago and that I get a 1,000 tax credit for each of my kids. Read the full article below and comment on your favorite Kerry misrepresentation. Later.........


darcey said...

Kerry states: Osama bin Laden is the world's number one terrorist and criminal. He was allowed to escape and regroup and reorganize. He's now in 60 countries around the world and he is the beacon for Zarqawi and for others.

al-Qaeda is not led by bin Laden. al-Qaeda is a philosphy. The war is not against Bin Laden, it is against al-Qaeda militants. Kerry says he is now in 60 countries, no, Bin Laden is probably in Afghanistan. al-Qaeda is probably out there but there is no proof. Bin Laden is not the beacon for Zarqawi. He was there before, the terrorists are collecting in Iraq...but as per plan.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for the comment, Darcey. Good to see ya pass through. You are absolutely correct on Kerry. He just does not understand the threat.

Mad Tech

Len Kutchma said...

Kerry and Clinton, quite a pair. One voted for military budget cuts while the other sold technology to China thereby helping them to become the emerging threat there are today.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comments Len. You have some good stuff on your blog as well. Tell me, the burning question is will we have a Hockey season? I grew up in Detroit as a huge Wings fan and I am hurting for some hockey action already.

The Mad Tech