Friday, October 22, 2004

Friday Night at last

Well folks it's Friday night and that means its poker night. Tonight should be interesting as we are scheduled to have two newbie’s added to our regular group. I look forward to taking their money as I do the others at the table, but there is something about busting out a virgin early in the night and sending them to the ATM for more cash.

Some had suggested that we make an exception and allow women to participate. Those folks were promptly beaten about the head and sent for more beer, thus becoming grog wenches. I love women, but more important then that I love one woman more then any. Now, as much as I love my beautiful and charming wife, I would not want to play poker with her or any other women. Here's why: 1) we don't think alike. 2) We don't talk alike. And last but not least, 3) most women do not want to spend time with a bunch of drinking, smoking, farting, shit-talking, smelly men unless there is a possibility of sex, and trust me with this group, it ain’t happening.

I know I am making broad statements, but that's why I am here. I know it's a cliché, but men and women are sooooo different and I do have friends that are girls, but would never think of asking them to come to one of our poker nights. Not because I don't think they can play cards, hell everyone wants a patsy with money in their game, but because I know I am a man and I know how we act and sometimes I am embarrassed by the shiznit we say and do.

So honey, when you ask about poker night and I grunt, you’re getting the Cliff notes. Once again, thank you my lovely wife for allowing me to play cards while you are home with our two great kids, I love you Monkey. Later Troops..................


Len Kutchma said...

This is totally unrelated to the topic but just wanted to drop a note to say hi! I'm cruising around the BlogExplosion universe tonight and came across your site which is very interesting!

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comments, I hope you will become a regular visitor.

Mad Tech