Sunday, October 24, 2004

Illegals Make Ammo?

Once again the issue of illegal immigration comes front and center. In this case we were lucky because the illegals in this case were just looking for work like most of the millions that cross over border to the south with Mexico.

Here is Arizona; we have a proposal on the ballot called Prop 200, sounds innocent enough. The proposal is an attempt at stemming the tide of illegals that cross in the Arizona desert everyday. As I said, most of these folks are hard working, religious people just looking for a chance to make a better life. The proposal states that anyone not able to prove US citizenship shall not be allowed to vote in elections, get a drivers license, and most importantly collect state benefits including welfare and cash assistance.

The people opposed to this idea include the entire Senate and House of Representatives delegation from Arizona, the Governor, the Attorney General, and other state and local officials. They say it's too vague, that police and fire will have to check for citizenship before helping someone. That's just plain ridiculous. I do agree the language is vague and I can bet it will be challenged in court, see the folks who actually vote on it, support it by a 65% to 35% margin.

Sometimes it's hard to explain the problem that illegal immigration poses to folks in the Midwest or back East. They don't have to deal with the increased health care costs, increased social program costs, increased car insurance rates, or increased crime in some cases. This ballot measure is a direct result of the lack of action by both parties to address this problem and the frustration of the people in this state. Well, I am climbing down off my soapbox. The article about the illegals working at the ammo plant is linked below.

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Drunken Samurai said...

Vote no on 200. It will not do any of the things it claims. It will not change illegal imigration at all. It is only going to cost the state millions in legal bills and then be struck down by the courts. Don't waste time on this even as a protest!