Friday, October 08, 2004

Friday Night Fight

Well Friday's here and we have the 2nd Presidential Debate. I think The President will do well despite the fact that the debate is in a town hall format. This format is not as big a weakness for the President as it was 4 years ago. I base my opinion on the fact that quite a few of his campaign stops have been in this style as a warm up to this evening.

I will post my views and comments later this evening, because for the first time in too long it's Poker Night with the guys. I must thank my lovely and understanding wife for encouraging me to go out. Many of you may not know that we have been blessed with a second child who was born in August. Thus my reason for not playing cards on Friday nights.

It will be interesting to hear some of the comments from my fellow card players. Most of them share some of my views but I find it interesting to hear how people see things apart from my opinion.

If anyone lives in the Phoenix area, some of us are committed to organizing a peaceful protest of Michael Moore's speech here in Phoenix on next Wednesday. We plan to simply stand outside the theater with Bush/Cheney signs, should be interesting. If you’re interesting in joining us, please email me at for further information.

Enjoy the entertainment (debate) tonight, later folks.......

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