Tuesday, October 19, 2004

NAACP Pays In Crack Cocaine

Where do I start with this one? The NAACP has a group they founded after the 2000 election called NAACP National Voter Fund which primary function is to register new voters. A noble and worthy cause to be sure. Where is good intention goes horribly wrong is in its execution, like so many causes that liberal champion.

Now, let's give the NAACP the benefit of the doubt and acknowledge that this incident was most likely caused by a "rogue agent" of the NAACP Voter Fund. However as the article states, this is not the first complaint against the NAACP National Voter Fund, seems to me that this is a pattern of behavior.

The National NAACP leaders have washed their hands of these folks and rightly so, I give them credit for that. The part that mystifies me is that after decades of voter fraud on both sides of the line, why on Earth would this group trust a convicted felon and pay him in crack, which goes way beyond typical voter fraud.

Now let me make one more "fair" comment, the NAACP National Voter Fund is a nonpartisan group. If you believe that, let me sell you some beautiful Arizona oceanfront property in Yuma. Now, I don't wish to be labeled someone that only complains.

I have a suggestion to address the rash of voter fraud that we have seen this election cycle. The motor voter bill was a great idea when passed and still is. But let me make this suggestion, if we are to continue to allow groups other then the state agencies outlined in the law to collect voter registration forms, should we not certify them and license them? The states would still govern over this form of voter registration and even turn it into a revenue stream. Shouldn’t we know exactly who is out there collecting these forms and turning them in on behalf of the state? Just something to ponder. Please read the entire article. Later Troops.........


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