Monday, October 11, 2004

Kerry Debate Lies Part II

I know that I am late in posting my comments about the 2nd Presidential debate on Friday night. I have a great excuse, I was playing poker till the wee hours of the night, but here we go.

I think the President did a great deal better then the first debate. He was very successful in framing Senator Kerry as a tax and spend liberal as his 20 year record indicates. I hope that people really listened to what was said because if they did, it was obvious that Senator Kerry was unprepared to deal with his failure as a US Senator.

I am a firm believer in the theory of past deeds predicting future behavior. If one takes a good look at the Senator’s 20 year record in the Senate, they will find a man that simply did not do his job, who lacks vision for the future, and frankly ought to pay back his salary to the people of this country since he now has married another rich chick.

Once again, the mainstream press has failed us in pointing out the blatant lies told by the Senator on Friday night. We will once again have to go outside the country for a listing of Mr. Kerry’s missteps. Here’s the link, enjoy the truth…….