Sunday, October 17, 2004

Oil For Food Update

The Oil for Food scandal is without a doubt the single biggest money grab in all of international politics. It is a shame that none of the major newspapers and television news outlets has really run with this story. Maybe it is out of respect for our "allies" who have embarrassed themselves by their greed and lack of loyalty towards this country. This country that in almost every case either provides foreign aid to or has proved direct military assistance in the past.

When I look at our foreign policy budget, I am disgusted by the amount of money we give to countries that should be not have to take a hand-out from us. Hey Europe, get a fucking job, stop sucking at the tit of America. I understand that most countries in Europe have lower GDP and living standards then just about every state in this great union but come on, enough is enough. Find the facts at this site.

As we can now all see, President Bush's effort to engage the UN to live up to it's responsibilities regarding Iraq was failed from the beginning. If I was a citizen in any of these countries that is fingered in the Oil for Food scandal, I would demand that my government stop doing business with the evil dictators of the world, because in the long run, it's really bad for business.

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