Sunday, October 24, 2004

Here We Go......................

This one is a little surprising. Ok, maybe not, the desperation is really starting to show. I feel bad for the "sheepeople" that are conducting these hit and run attacks on the polling places. Don't they realize that they are committing a crime?

I expect these types of things to get some play in the mainstream media but be dismissed as a few radicals and not a page out of the Dem's election play book. My advice to anyone who experiences one of these attacks, carry your cell phone, paper, pen and dial 911 to report these folks who are breaking the law. Remember, liberalism is a sickness and you’re really helping these people. Later folks...........


Dingo said...

Liberalism is a sikness? You have alot to thank for liberalism.

- the constitution was a radically liberal idea. The founding father were considered to be "liberals" in there time. And every "progressive idea" since then was considered "liberal" in its time.

- voting rights for women (liberal ideas)
- voting rights for minorities (liberal ideas)
- Consumer rights (liberal ideas)
- clean water act and clean air act (liberal ideas)
- Child labor laws (liberal ideas)
- 40 hour work week (liberal ideas)
- Minimum wage (liberal ideas)
- fire exits (liberal ideas)
- work place safety (liberal ideas)
- FDA - drug, meat packing, dairy, regulations, etc (liberal ideas)
- Public transportation (liberal ideas)
- FDIC (liberal ideas)
- Fannie Mae (liberal ideas)
- Federal Student Loans (liberal ideas)
- US Army GI Bill (liberal ideas)
- Farmers' Home Administration (liberal ideas)
- Protections from Insurance Fraud (liberal ideas)
- Even the toilet in the public bathrooms (liberal ideas)

If you use any of those, I guess you have been infected! Run for the hills....

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comment. You make a point with your information but ignore the point of the post. You focus on one of my personal comments thus making me believe that you think it's a great idea to harrass early voters and denie them the same protection afforded by voters on election day.

The Mad Tech