Saturday, October 23, 2004

Stolen Honor for Free, if you care?

I have just finished watching Stolen Honor and I really don't understand why John Kerry is so upset. The film is 80% about the POW's of Vietnam and the rest about the people who protested against it. Ok, actually I do know why John does not want you to see this film, he is totally discredited and shown for the lying backstabbing war criminal that he is.

I have included the link below to watch the video as a stream; however I recommend that everyone click on File then Save As and save it to your hard drive so you can pass it on. My greatest hope is that as many Kerry "supporters" see it as possible. After watching, I can not honestly believe anyone would support Kerry because of who he is. Let’s be truthful, most Kerry supporters hate him too but hate W more, hence their lukewarm support for him. Well enjoy the film and pass it on to as many people as you can before November 2nd.
Later Troops........

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