Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Two Questions For the Kerry Supporters

Let's break it down Cosell style.

1) What is it about John Kerry that you like and why are you voting for him?
The answer of "because he's not Bush" will not be accepted under any circumstance.

2) If John Kerry's anti-war activities during the Vietnam war helped to force the US Government to "cut and run", what is it that makes you so certain he will not do the same in Iraq, Afghanistan, or in the war on terror?
The answer of "because he promised/pledged will also not be accepted under any circumstance.

Please post your comments and tributes of faith in John Kerry for all to see.


pri said...

Hi, I'm not American, so I might not be legitimate to answer the first question although I must say that I would never support a president that has lied to its people to make his party win the presidential elections again. Here, in Spain, the former president lied both when involving our country in Iraq's invasion and after the bombings in Madrid on March 11th and he/his party paid it losing the election.

According to the second question you you make. What's the problem in withdrawing the troops if the invasion has been proved to be based over false statements? Sometimes it's braver to recognize errors than to live following an error at all costs.

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for you comments Pri. Of course you should answer the questions even if you’re not an American. Sadly, you’re the only person to do so up till now.
I whole-heartily disagree with both of your answers however.

The truth of the matter is that all politicians lie but rather we should base our support on whether or not they deliver on their promises. I do not have access to the news in Spain except for the Internet, which I take with a grain of salt. According to every news report I have seen, the reason given for defeating the former Prime Minister was in fact the horrific terrorist attack you suffered on 3/11. If this is incorrect, please spread the word, because this is what the world at large believes.

As for your second answer, the danger of withdrawing from a job uncompleted is that the situation is left worse then when you started. The goal of radical Islam is the establishment of a new Muslim world order and according to the radicals every non-Muslim should either be killed or converted to the faith. That alone should be reason enough for anyone to see that we need to stay the course and be successfully in Iraq.

The outcome of this war affects everyone in the world and if you think you are safe now because Spain pulled their troops from Iraq, I am afraid you are mistaken.

The Mad Tech

Anonymous said...

2) The Republicans seem to think we can take Bush's word for everything that he plans to do it, even after all the lies he has thrown at us..... Why not take Kerry's word. It least we don't KNOW he's lying to us yet

The Mad Tech said...

Thanks for your comment anonymous. Unfortunately you missed the whole point of my question. I know that the left hates the President, what I wanted to know was why you like Kerry.

As far as Kerry not lying to us yet, HELLO? Do you get your news straight from the DNC? The duty of every American is to question what we are told by our leaders, otherwise we live as lemmings. The question is not what we are being told by them but what we are not being told.

The Mad Tech