Friday, October 22, 2004

Europe Suck's and Here's the Proof

I found this article today, don't ask how I got to this site, I don't know myself. Besides that's not the freaking point.

For many years we have been force fed the idea that Europe was vastly superior to these United States. A little background, I have never been to Europe, don't really want to ever go and hated the fact that I was forced in high school to waste my time learning a European language.

Well now we have two separate news reports that show how weak and feeble Europe really is. The truth is that Europe is facing rising unemployment, rampant immigration that threatens to remake many countries, declining birth rate, aging workforce, and rising social program costs. Me thinks that Europe needs us a hell of a lot more then we need or want them. Perhaps the next time this country asks for help on something, Old Europe will step up and help. I am not by any means an isolationist, rather I hope for better relations with all countries.

Enjoy the articles...............

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Drunken Samurai said...

Don't hate the Europeans hate the EU! The EU is killing the European economy and they can't even see it. I am really excited by what is happening in Eastern Eurpoe and I hope the West doesn't ruin a good thing. I think it is time to end this experiment.