Monday, October 25, 2004

Another Day, Another Lie to Get Elected

I know that most politicians regard the common voter/American as stupid, but John Kerry has demonstrated that he has really taken that stereotype to heart. The Senator has continued to make statements that are proved to be out and out incorrect or dare I say blatant lies.
His latest claim was that he is more in touch with the wishes of the UN, specifically the Security Council. He said during the second debate that he had a meeting with the Security Council and all members were present, not surprising since he worships at the altar of the UN and New World Order.

Today we learn that even the Pro-Kerry UN has had enough of the lies and falsehoods. The very folks would John was supposedly meeting with have come out and said that there was no meeting and all but one have never even met John Kerry. Does he or his handlers really believe that people are stupid enough to look past him being caught in another obvious lie? Once again John, you have proved exactly why you should not be President, much less a Senator. Now go sit in the corner and think about what you have done!

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Gary said...

Gosh. Let's count the lies and misleading statements of the President:

1) The majority of the tax cuts went to middle and lower incomes.
Buzz. According to, 53% of the tax cuts went to the top 10% of earners.

2) He will have 2 million Africans on anti-retrovirals at the end of four years.
Not quite a lie. But, with 1/3 of the program past and less than 2% on ARVs, he's unlikely to make his numbers, (especially with all of the obstacles Bush's Millenneum Challenge Corp puts in the way).

3) He supports the troops.
As a lie, this one is a little shaky. He certainly does it with words. But, it is hard to understand how he signs a multi-billion $$ tax break last week without having funded enough armor for National Guard and Reservist vehicles. There have been supply/support issues since the end of the war.

4) Jobs: He projected 306K jobs/month for the 2003 tax cut. He delivered 105K, 2/3 of what is needed to keep pace with population growth.

There are plenty more . . .

The Mad Tech said...

Gary, first thanks for your comments. Second, if you read this blog long enough, you will find that I am fairly independent politically. And last but not least, I will address your complaints about the President one by one. How's that for being fair?

1. The tax cuts, hmm, well you got me there but don’t you realize that the people who make the most money usually pay the most in taxes. In fact the top 20% of taxpayers in this country pay 80% of the taxes. What would you have the small business owners, venture capitalists and others that actually create jobs do? Pay 100% of the taxes so the rest of us can get fat and become lazy.
2. Ok, fighting AIDS in Africa, that’s a great goal. But frankly I don’t give a damn about Africa. Of course I have compassion for the victims of AIDS where ever they are as any Christian would, but that money that the President set aside to fight AIDS in Africa could have funded schools, border security, Medicare, or fighting AIDS here in America.
3. He supports the troops. Your right this one is shaky. The President has made every effort to equip our troops with what they need, but it’s been hard to close the funding gap that was voted on by John Kerry and put into practice by Bill Clinton. I have a brother in the 101st Airborne and they left all of their brand new equipment behind for the National Guard units that were replacing them, including their flak vests and armored hum-vees.
4. Jobs. Isn’t this the $64,000 dollar question? First of all, most economists if they are honest will tell you that the President has absolutely nothing to do with job creation. Never mind the fact that we had already slipped into a recession brought on by the Clinton policies of the 90’s, the attacks of 9/11, and fact that we are fighting a war.

I hope I have addressed your questions and while we may not agree on who should be President, I think we can agree that most politicians twist the truth and sometimes out right lie.

The Mad Tech

Gary said...


Thanks for your reasoned response. Here goes, point-by-point:

1) Yep. The wealthiest do pay the biggest share of taxes. My point was that the President claims his tax breaks predominantly benefit the middle and lower classes. In debate 3 he said:

"He talks about middle-class tax cuts. That's exactly where the tax cuts went. Most of the tax cuts went to low- and middle-income Americans."

But, 80% of the cuts went to 10% of earners. The bottom 60% got less than 14% of the benefit.

We can debate tax policy separately. I assume we can agree that his statement about distribution of the tax cut is craven vote getting and a lie.

2) African AIDS policy. It's not at the top of my list, either. My point was that that, even when being compassionate, he misleads. The PEPFAR program was designed so it would be hard for people to get help from it. All sort of obstacles, unrelated to health or the health organization, block release of funds. It was set up to help him look compassionate without having to be (like his VA policy . . . see below).

Again, my issue here is with his honesty, not his policy.

3) You and I will have to disagree here. The President has gotten every dollar he has asked for in Iraq. The only real debate over Iraq funding I recall is whether the reconstruction money should be a loan or a gift. If he didn't ask for enough for the troops to have adequate armor, that is his doing. Armor has been an issue since the war ended and now is driving loyal troops to insubordination. If the President was truly making sure the troops were well supplied, we wouldn't be talking about this 18 months after the start of the war.

Remember, also, that Donald Rumsfeld has been arguing for a smaller, more efficient military and that commanders have been shut down for arguing for additional resource to do the job. I don't believe this is just a Clinton/Kerry issue.

4) Again, my point is about how the President misleads on issues like this. He promised 306K jobs/month. He delivered 105K. At my job, if my success rate was consistently 1/3 of what I projected, I would be fired.

On the broader point: I believe the President has some impact. After all, 80% of economists prefer Kerry's economic policies (from The Economist, which endorsed Bush in 2000). If the President doesn't matter, why would they bother to have a preference? If Hoover had different policies, we might not have had as great a depression.

I believe there were ways to make the tax cuts grow business and create jobs. Two possibilities:

- Make dividends tax deductible by business instead of tax free for investors. That would put more money in the hands of people who hire.
- Temporarily reduce the payroll tax. That would put money into the hands of people who will spend it, creating demand.

But, there are other examples of the President lying:

5) Debate 3: The President said:

"Of course we're meeting our obligations to our veterans. And the veterans know that. We're expanding veterans' health care throughout the country, we're aligning facilities where the veterans live now. Veterans are getting very good health care under my administration, and they will continue to do so during the next four years."

A week later, Harvard Medical School released a study which showed:

- a 12% drop in veterans with insurance during the Bush presidency

- 86% of the uninsured vets had been employed when they didn't have insurance

- Uninsured vets weren't being treated any better than regular folk without insurance.

I agree with you that all politicians lie: Kerry's 200 billion cost of the war, meeting all of the security council members when it was, what, 2/3?

But, I think there is a difference between the exaggerations offered by Kerry and the distortions offered by the President. The President's, to me, seem worse.