Friday, October 15, 2004

The Democrat Party's Election Terrorism?

Are some Democrats so intent on defeating George Bush that they've launched an orchestrated campaign of political violence designed to intimidate Republicans?

I can honestly say that I am not surprised by their behavior. If I thought I was robbed of an election and had to vote for some jackass in a feeble attempt to recapture the White House, I would be really pissed too. All I can say is “Move On” you sore losers. Half the country supports the President and we are not quite the Neo-Con wackos that the liberal media portrays us as.

* In Madison, Wis., someone burned an 8-foot-by-8-foot Nazi swastika on a homeowner's lawn, which had been decorated with Bush-Cheney signs. The vandals used grass killer to spray the hate symbol.

* In Orlando, Fla., Democrats stormed the local Bush/Cheney headquarters. The ensuing melee left two Republican campaign workers injured. One victim of Democrat violence had his head rammed into an office door. The perpetrator later blamed President Bush's "negative campaign."

* In Knoxville, Tenn., and Huntington, W. Va., shots were fired into the local Bush Cheney headquarters.

* In Gallatin County, Mont., the GOP office was vandalized twice in less than a week. Republican offices in the Seattle area, Spokane, Wash., Canton, Ohio, Fairbanks, Alaska, and Edwardsville, Ill., have also been burglarized and/or vandalized.

* In Miami police reported that more than 100 union protesters stormed the Bush Cheney office and shoved volunteers aside. No one was charged because most of the protesters left before the police arrived.

* In Tampa, nearly three dozen protesters stormed the local GOP office and intimidated the elderly volunteers working there.

* The AFL-CIO took credit on its Web site for similar demonstrations - apparently all coordinated - in Independence, Mo., Kansas City, Mo., Dearborn, Mich., St. Paul, Minn., and West Allis, Wis.

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