Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Truth Straight From Iraq

This is exactly the kind of stories that the Pro Kerry Information Coalition does not want to report for fear of helping the President in some way. The job of the news to simply report and at that they fail each and everyday.

If you search the net for soldier blogs and other news sources, you will find that we are actually accomplishing quite a bit in Iraq and for the most part our troops are proud of their efforts. The first complain my brother and others in the 101st Airborne had when returning from Iraq was that the media is only reporting half the story. Perhaps this stems from the fact that even at home all we get is negative news because that is what "sells".

I encourage everyone out there to speak to members of the military that have served in Iraq and search the web for the news that is not being reported, starting with the article linked below.

To all our brave men and women serving this nation at home and abroad, Thank you again for your service and God bless you.


chaoticspring said...

Interesting article. I'll have to re-read it more carefully when I get another chance.

On the flip-side, this blog has some interesting things to say as well.

All I can say is I'll be glad when the election is over. I'm getting an ulcer with wondering how this one will turn out.

Take care!

darcey said...

I like the words "Pro Kerry Information Coalition". The hard part is that the coalitions are against Bush 8 to 1 and so all you hear is bad. Funny, the same groups complain about the bad news but do nothing about it. Just ratings and blood. For shame.