Monday, October 04, 2004

John Kerry's record as U.S. Senator

Well folks, I had seen this months ago and thought the libs buried it but a buddy of mine came across it and now I have it for you reading enjoyment.

The link goes to the AFL-CIO website and by now I am sure that they wished they would have never posted this. This information is a direct prediction of how little a Kerry administration could and would accomplish.

Remember to get out and vote on November 2nd.

Later Troops........

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RanDomino said...

This is the most appropriate place I can find to respond to your comment on my site. (there's probably a better spot, but I don't know blogspot well enough to find it)

Clearly, you're an intelligent person, and that's refreshing in a medium where almost everyone is a raving moonbat. I find it interesting that so many people can manage to use a computer well enough to make a website, yet can't form a well-reasoned opinion based on history and evidence.

First, you implied that Kerry is a 'flip-flopper' by saying "...what have you seen in Kerry that makes you think he won't up and change his mind again if he is elected...". That is a baseless charge. When one of the most rabid conservative blogs, John Hawkins' rightwingnews, made specific points about exactly when Kerry has changed his mind, they all came down to one thing: Kerry voted for the war, and now he is against it.
To be honest, voting for the war was a purely political move, but his excuse is that he only voted to *authorize* an invasion if diplomacy failed, and diplomacy would be futile without the *threat* of force.

The 'global test' is mostly a meaningless buzzword that Kerry probably wants to take back. The fact is, however, that, in polls, roughly 75% of the world's population was opposed to the invasion. That in itself is also a mostly meaningless statistic, but what it means is that our image in the world took a hit when we did invade. In a war of ideas, it is counterproductive to look like imperialist, looting, Crusaders.

"The worse thing that could happen is that we disengage from the world stage and China, Russia and God forbid the European Union step in to fill the void."
I, regrettably, dismiss this sort of jabber. It is useless. In this world, where the philosophy is to make the most people as happy as possible via economic growth, belligerence and villification have no place.

I prefer to deal with more specific policy- not to the detail of on-the-ground tactics (such as 'how should we go about taking Cityville?'), but certainly not as vague as 'good', 'evil', and 'freedom'. Those are never more than just words.