Friday, October 01, 2004

More Kerry Lies Reveled

The following is text shows exactly how many times Senator Kerry lied last night in trying to slander the President before the American public. Now before you accuse me of taking my information just from the right, here's the link to the original news article.

The Raw Deal: John Kerry's Inaccurate Statements During Last Night's Debate "John Kerry's at least 16 inaccurate statements during last night's debate widened his credibility gap on the most important issues facing our nation. While President Bush spoke clearly and from the heart about the path toward victory in the War on Terror, Kerry relied on false attacks and demonstrated his continued willingness to play politics with the War on Terror."

- Steve Schmidt, Bush-Cheney '04 Spokesman

John Kerry Made At Least 16 Inaccurate Statements During Last Night's Debate

Kerry Inaccurately Claimed Cuts In Homeland Security Funding Caused NYC Subway To Be Closed During The RNC Convention. "In an early exchange about homeland security, Kerry got it wrong when he claimed President Bush's cuts in funding for infrastructure protection was 'why they had to close down the subway in New York when the Republican Convention was there.' The only problem is that no subway service beneath Madison Square Garden was suspended during the convention, even as buses were diverted and gridlock ruled the streets." ("Subway Flub Derails Challenger," The New York Post, 10/1/04)

Kerry Falsely Claimed He Had “Made A Mistake In How” He Talked About His Vote Against The $87 Billion, Despite Previously Saying It Would Be "Irresponsible" To Vote Against Funding For Our Troops. (CBS’ “Face The Nation,” 9/14/03)

Kerry Claimed He's "Never, Ever" Used Word "Lying" In Reference To President Bush On Iraq, But In December 2003 Kerry Told A New Hampshire Editorial Board Bush "Lied" About Reasons For Going To War In Iraq And In September 2003 Kerry Said Bush Administration "Lied" And "Misled." (Patrick Healy, "Kerry Camp Lowers N.H. Expectations Behind In Polls, Senator Now Seeks Spot In 'Top Two,'" The Boston Globe, 12/8/03; Sen. John Kerry, Campaign Event, Claremont, NH, 9/20/03)

According To FactCheck.Org, Kerry's "Cost" For The Iraq War Is Off By $80 Billion. ("Distortions And Misstatements At First Presidential Debate,", 10/1/04,, Accessed 10/1/04)

According To FactCheck.Org, Kerry "Overstated The Case" On Osama Bin Laden's Alleged Escape At Tora Bora. ("Distortions And Misstatements At First Presidential Debate,", 10/1/04,, Accessed 10/1/04)

Kerry Made Assumption The UN Was Willing To Continue Sanctions Against Iraq Despite The Fact They Were Becoming "Increasingly Unpopular With Key Nations." (Glenn Kessler And Walter Pincus, "Few Factual Errors, But Truth Got Stretched At Times," The Washington Post, 10/1/04)

Kerry Misspoke And Said Weapons Of Mass Destruction Were "Crossing The (Iraq) Border Every Single Day." "The AP noted that Kerry misspoke when he said 'we got weapons of mass destruction crossing the (Iraq) border every single day, and they're blowing people up.' Kerry meant terrorists were crossing the border, not nuclear weapons." ("Distortions And Misstatements At First Presidential Debate,", 10/1/04,, Accessed 10/1/04)

Kerry Claimed U.S. Soldiers Are "90 Percent Of The Casualties In Iraq," But The Wall Street Journal Puts U.S. Casualties Closer To 50% When You Include Iraqis Helping To Secure Their Own Country. (Editorial, "Our Kerry Iraq Guide," The Wall Street Journal, 9/30/04)

Kerry Falsely Claimed President Bush Diverted Forces From Afghanistan To Iraq; Gen. Tommy Franks Said It's "Absolutely Incorrect" That Resources Were Diverted From Afghanistan. (General Tommy Franks, ABC Radio's "The Sean Hannity Show," 9/21/04)

Kerry Falsely Claimed The Bush Administration Has Not Organized An International Summit To Discuss Iraq. "Reality Check: The administration has, in fact, organized just such a conference, in consultation with Iraqi and other Arab allies. It will be held in Cairo late in November, with the foreign ministers of the G8 countries (i.e. including antiwar countries such as France, Germany and Russia), China, the countries of the Arab League, Turkey and Iran invited to attend. If it goes ahead, it will mark the most significant attempt to forge a political consensus on Iraq since the war." (Tony Karon, "Reality Check: John Kerry,",,18471,703913,00.html, 10/1/04)

Kerry Falsely Claimed The President Is "Cutting The COPS Program," When The Truth Is President Bush Has Already Met And Exceeded The COPS Program's 100,000 Officer Goal By 18 Percent. (

Kerry Claimed Gen. Shinseki Was Retired For Testimony On Iraq When In Fact Shinseki's Retirement Was Announced In April 2002, Long Before He Testified About Potential Conduct Of Iraq War. (Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough, "Inside The Ring," The Washington Times, 4/19/02)

Kerry Misleadingly Claimed He Can Bring More Allies Into Iraq. "Reality Check: It wasn't the President's credibility that kept most of the international community out of Iraq; it was, and is, the policies pursued by the U.S. in Iraq. But Kerry is broadly committed to the same policies. And if, as he says, other countries will participate because they have a stake in the outcome, the presumably they would do so no matter who was President of the United States." (Tony Karon, "Reality Check: John Kerry,",,18471,703913,00.html, 10/1/04)

Kerry Claimed To Have His Own Four-Point Plan For Iraq, But It Mirrors The President's Plan. "Kerry's plan… is pretty much a checklist of recent initiatives adopted by the Bush Administration." (Tony Karon, "Reality Check: John Kerry,",,18471,703913,00.html, 10/1/04)

Kerry Falsely Stated The Agreement With North Korea Broke Down Because The President Didn't Continue The Clinton Administration's Policy. "Reality Check: While the Yongbon facility was under scrutiny and the fuel rods were sealed, North Korea has since admitted to running a secret parallel uranium-enrichment program to create weapons-grade fissile material in the years following the agreement reached with the Clinton administration, in violation of that agreement." (Tony Karon, "Reality Check: John Kerry,",,18471,703913,00.html, 10/1/04)

Kerry Falsely Claimed The "Reason For Going To War Was Weapons Of Mass Destruction, Not The Removal Of Saddam Hussein," But The 2002 Use Of Force Resolution Kerry Voted For Specifically Recognized Longstanding Regime Change Policy. (Public Law No. 107-243, Signed Into Law 10/16/02)


RanDomino said...

Bush sent insufficient numbers of soldiers into two unwinnable counter-insurgencies during a recession. I don't care what else there is to say about either candidate- that's just idiotic. He should have been impeached. But I'll settle for his ouster. This relates in that I'll be voting for Kerry since he has the most important asset in the campaign: He's not Bush.

The Mad Tech said...
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The Mad Tech said...

Now with corrected spelling and proper grammer.

Thank you for your comments, I hope to see your views on more of my postings in the future.

I would be the first to admit that President has made mistakes in the Iraq war. My chief complaint with this administration is the lack fiscal responsibility and no clear plan for securing our borders and stemming the flood of illegals that flow into this country across our southern border. That being said, after reviewing Senator Kerry's plan, the two issues that define my vote remain nation security and fiscal responsibility.

I doubt that the President will have the ability to back down from the drunken spending he has engaged in, but he will not raise my taxes as John Kerry has pledged to do on folks who earn $200,000 a year. Now while I am not currently in that tax bracket, there are almost a million small business owners who are and pay at the personal income rate that would be affected. Both sides agree that 8 out 10 jobs are created by small businesses, so the choice on tax policy is a clear one in my opinion.

As I stated in an earlier posting, I do not trust John Kerry to now stick to a position on the War on Terror that is only a few weeks old if he is elected. If I were a John Kerry supporter I would be very fearful that if he wins, he will once again change his positions and abandon the very folks that put their trust in him and got him elected.

As an example I would point out that quite a few people supported the President in 2000 based on the promise he was going to be fiscally responsible. Now, in his defense, we did have a recession to recover from, a major attack on this country and a war on terrorist to fight, but the fact remains we could see the same sort of flip flop from the candidate Kerry to (God help us) President Kerry and then how bad will the folks in his party feel. Mostly as bad as we independents and conservatives that supported the President based on his fiscal policy only to wake the day after and wonder if we had beer goggles on.

To quote a far wiser man then me, "The lesser of two evils is still evil". I could not agree more, and the sad truth of it is that the two party system is hopelessly broken and has let us all down. So the choice we are left with is a rather (Dan?) selfish one, we must vote for what is in our best interests and not the country that I believe each and every one of us loves.

Sorry, I did not mean to ramble on. Thank you again for your comments and I look forward to a dialogue.